Monday, October 26, 2009

Wool Felted Seedpods

Bring nature in your house and decorate it with these woody fruits which are filled with pure merino wool.
-You can spread them in a big wooden or glass bowl .This
combination would make a beautiful centerpiece in a
nature table.
-You can add little ribbons to them and decorate your
Christmas Tree or spread them in the dinner table.
You can find these beautiful seedpods here.


Louise said...

They are lovely! Totally original

Diana said...

Beautiful! What a great idea!
And I love your flowers also.
I am just in the phase of making felt flowers. Can't wait to put them on my blog :).
BTW, I was in Greece this summer! It's soo beautiful! Especialy the food ;)!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! I have the pods I purchased from you on a table in my entranceway. I constantly have to tell all the kids who come thru the front door to stop touching them because they all think they're the "coolest" things. I also keep a count of them because I'm afraid someone is going to "walk" off with one!!!! :)

~ Wendy

fel4u said...

hahaha Wendy you are hilarious!!!
You are counting them? hahahaha

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