Friday, January 8, 2010

Cute Wool Felted Mushrooms

These cute toadstools are made with pure merino wool using the wet and needle felting techniques.
The first minute I finished making them I fell in love with
them .

♥ You can use them as beads for your handmade necklaces,bracelets,earrings and brooches.
♥ Decorate your scarfs,hats,bags,belts and clothes.
♥ You can make mobiles to decorate a special room in your
♥ or you can place them in a big bowl and just look at them
as one of my lovely customers says.

Lavender - Wool felted Beret

This beautiful beret hat is made with the wet felting technique.
Your princess can be warm and stylish too.This hat is soft and lightweight.

Woodland - Wool Felted Basket

This felted basket will look gorgeous in your home.You can fill it with yarns,books or fruits.
It's also an ideal choice for organizing your office supplies or accessories.
Its soft and lightweight.Its made with the wet and needle felting technique.

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