Friday, January 28, 2011

I hate it but its funny !!!!

My JoJo loves to play with her make up toys.It was Santa's Christmas gift so we couldn't say no.
I hate how she looks after putting all this stuff in her face but I am in love with the way she is doing it.Her Father and I we try not to laugh when we seeing her and believe me its really very difficult .
I couldn't resist from taking her a couple of pictures.
Sometimes it's scary but after she leaves the room we can't stop laughing.

My Toadstools decorate Jazzturtle's Handspun Yarn

It was a sweet surprise for me to see my toadstools combined with a beautiful hand spun yarn.
Esther(the person behind the Jazzturtle)
makes unique handspun art yarns, hand painted luxury tops and loose fibers, carded art fiber batts for spinning and felting and one of a kind textile couture.
Recently she added my mushrooms in her collection !
Don't you think they look gorgeous all together ?
Visit her shop and I am sure you will find beautiful ,soft and unique yarns for your creations♥

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